We have been around for the last 40 years to promote 



Community Cohesion


between people of different faiths and cultures.

“Wolverhampton Inter-Faith..…. established relationships between communities that did not know each other, and built bridges of understanding ……”

The Rt Revd Michael Bourke, Ex-President, IFW



“Wolverhampton Inter-Faith has been a wonderful example of how human beings of any religious, political or culture experience can advance ……”

The Late Lord Turner of Bilston

"The work done by Inter-Faith has been, is and will continue to be vital to the City.

We must do everything we can to ensure it goes from strength to strength."

Photo of Queen's Award for Voluntary Service

 What We Do (also see ‘Our Activities’)

We bring communities together through annual events such as

Prayers for Peace at St Peter’s Collegiate Church.

Visits to different places of worship both within Wolverhampton and in other cities.

Organise discussions on issues impacting on the local communities.

These events make a positive impact on raising awareness, tolerance and respect between communities.



We work in partnership with faith organisations in the city, the City Council, the University, the Police, the Probation Service, the Health Service and Compton Hospice.

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Photo from March Bring and Share Lunch

 Jonathan Crust and accommodation host Julia spoke about 
 the YMCA Open Door Project (providing accommodation to 
 vulnerable young people) at the March Bring and Share Lunch. 
 Click the Photo to visit their website. 

New Zealand Flag (from Wikipedia)

 Members of Interfaith Wolverhampton took part, together 
 with many others, in a vigil of solidarity on Peace Green. 
 "By now we are all aware of the terrible atrocity that has taken 
 place in Christchurch New Zealand.  I am confident that 
 every one of us will join together in outright condemnation 
 of this sickening act.  We ask for forgiveness not vengeance, 
 for love not hate, for understanding and not indifference. 
 May our God regardless of name or identity 
 bring peace upon us all". 

Photo of Peter and Lisa

 Peter and Lisa Stedman speaking about 
 ‘Our Journey to the Divine’ at the 
 February Bring and Share Lunch. 

Photo of January Bring and Share Lunch

 Sister Urmil Sood with Sister Saroj Kohli at the 
 January Bring & Share Lunch, speaking about 
 the Brahma Kumari movement. 
 Click the picture to visit the UK Brahma Kumari website. 

Photo of Dementia Friendly Award 2018