All our activities are inspired by our mission to provide education aimed specifically at nurturing and disseminating knowledge and understanding of the rich diversity of religious beliefs and practices within the City of Wolverhampton with the purpose of supporting community cohesion through dialogue and collaboration on specific projects. In particular, we:

·         Work closely with statutory and voluntary organisations to pre-empt and respond to instances of inter-faith tension within the City

·         Act as the prime referral point for any matters relating inter-faith issues

·         Respond to requests for information from members of the public

·         Organise visits by schools to different places of worship

·         Arrange RE days in schools on different faiths

·         Provide training on faith customs and traditions for statutory and non-statutory organisations which deal with people from different faiths

·         Hold monthly ‘Bring and Share’ lunches, led by a different individual, to discuss how our faith affects our lives

·         Hold an annual conference on a particular topic (Forgiveness, human rights etc.)

·         Arrange social and cultural events where people of different faiths can meet and talk

·         Arrange an annual pilgrimage to local places of worship

·         Arrange an annual coach trip to more distant places of worship

·         Arrange an annual interfaith Prayer service

·         Organise an annual Holocaust Service on behalf of the Mayor’s Office

·         Publish a quarterly newsletter


‘Our Activities’ continued……………

Visits to places of worship


One of the really exciting activities undertaken is our ‘Visits to places of Worship’ provision. On behalf of all City schools and also those on the peripheries, we organise visits to local faith community places of worship. These include Gurdwaras, Mosques, Mandirs, Viharas and Churches and are designed for school parties of all ages. The children and Students gain valuable insights into differing cultures and faith traditions. At all places of worship we have qualified individuals who are able to present their faith in a lively and positive way thus making the visits enjoyable.

RE days in the Classroom


Recently we have developed our resources to be able to go into schools and give a presentation about any local faith. As far as possible we try to facilitate the needs of the schools by providing a one faith, two faith, three and four faith session or presentation with a question and fun session included. This enables the children or students to experience a person with cultural and faith differences in their own environment. At a later stage what the presenter has spoken about the children or students can further experience by a planned visit to a place of worship.



Training for Organisations


There are differing degrees of ignorance about ‘faith’ and faith communities within the wider community especially in business and commerce.  Understanding can help to eliminate friction within organisations. Knowing the facts dispels ignorance.  A contented workforce enhances harmony which can increase productivity and profit margins. Therefore, we have devised a programme whereby we can give practical help to voluntary or statutory groups.  If you feel that we could assist you why not give us a call or email us direct.


For more information please contact the office on 0785 325 1929 or email