Sant Nirankari Mission

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Sant Nirankari Satsang Bhawan, Wednesbury

Singing "We partake
GOD's Blessings"

Obeisance - Recognizing
GOD in every person

The Congregation


Obtaining blessings though the Chair
from the Satguru, in whom GOD meets us


The Sant Nirankari Satsang Bhawan (Temple)


The many faiths come together

The Nirankari Mission is an all-embracing spiritual movement, endorsing the established age-old truth that realisation  of the Fatherhood of GOD, the goal of human life, is inherently essential for the establishment of Universal brotherhood.

This, however, is only achieved though a living revelation, imparted by the living Master. 

O Formless Lord, I am in thy refuge
Please shower me with thy grace


Ek Tuhi Nirankar - One Thou Formless

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