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Inter-Faith Group
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43 Princess Street, Wolverhampton,
West Midlands, WV1 1HD, England.

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Established 1974   Registered Charity No.513201(1982)   A Company Limited by Guarantee (No.3218967)

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Those who contributed to
Living Faith in Wolverhampton 2001 -

The many Faith Communities in Wolverhampton actively co-operated in the visits by photographers, and in the choice of people, activities and scenes to contribute as representing the life of their Faith Community.

As a post graduate, Nick Hedges prepared the original black and white photographic exhibition in 1974. Under his direction as head of photography at the University of Wolverhampton, Harold Turek, Stephanie Van Moll, and Sally Martin took the colour photographs for the much expanded new exhibition.

Dunns Imaging mounted the photographs for the new exhibition, launched at Wolverhampton Civic Centre  on January 15th., 2001.

Adam West prepared this web site presentation, which is maintained by

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