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Namdhari Sikh Gurdwara, Birmingham

Leading members
of the Namdhari
community in


Cooking for Langar


Assan, seat of Guru, and
portrait of present Guru


Preaching and Singing Sikh Hymns


Ladies eating Langar 


Older Boys meditating
with Rosary


Older Girls meditating with Rosary

All Namdhari Sikhs are Amrithari (initiated).

They believe that the tenth Guru, Satguru Gobind Singh did not die in 1708, but lived until 1812, followed by successive living Gurus, with the institutions of scripture and Guruship continuing side by side.

The Twelfth Namdhari Guru, Satguru Ram Singh (exiled to Burma in 1872) inaugurated the Namdhari Panth at Baisakhi 1857, with a white flag symbolising truth, purity and peace. They hold an honorable place in Indian independence history.

Namdharis are also known as Kukas (ecstatic shouters). The sacred Nam known as Gurumantar (God's Holy Word), is whispered in ears for meditation. They are strict vegetarians and totally abstain from intoxicating drinks. They have simple mass marriage ceremonies in the presence of their Satguru.

There are over 10,000 Namdhari Sikhs in the UK,, with four temples, one in Birmingham.

The present Satguu is His Holiness Sahib Sri Hazoor Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji Maharaj. 

The whole universe worships Thy name
May no one be afflicted with pain.
(From Ardas - daily prayer)

All are called partners in thy grace
Thou seen as alien to none   
(From Adi Granth Sahib)

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